Frequently asked questions

You can find a mulch calculator here.

One yard covers an area approximately 10’ x 10’ x 3” thick.

You can try this online stone calculator to help determine how much stone you’ll need.

1 yard of mulch will fit into a 6’ bed and 2 will fit into an 8’ bed.

For safety reasons, we can only dump into a truck bed. Many people rent trucks from Home Depot or Uhaul to pick up products.

The minimum for mulch delivery is 5 yards, 4 yards for soils and 1 ton for stones.

Depending on the time of year, we are usually 2-3 days out. In our busiest season (Spring), it can be up to 2-3 weeks.

We have no way to separate the products so each one is a separate delivery.

No, but you need to make sure to clearly mark the dumpsite and make sure there are no overhead wires or limbs that would affect the truck dumping in that spot.

We accept natural debris and some wood products. We do not accept painted, stained or treated wood, particle board, plywood, laminates or railroad ties.

Yes, we do, but we have certain specs for purchase. You can find our specs on our website under the “logs” tab.

No, but we will gladly provide you with local arborists we work with.

Please refer to our website under the “logs” tab.

Please refer to the Doyle Log Scale which can be found here.

You multiply H x W x L in ft and then divide by 12.

Yes, we can do that. Pricing is based on a case to case basis.

For boards over 16’, we will refer you to Grasmick Lumber or Mcilvane Lumber. 

We currently only stock treated pine posts and treated poplar fence boards.