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triple play | Edrich Lumber

Triple Play Mix: The Soil Every Gardener Should Consider

What is Triple Play? Triple play is a type of soil uniquely made by Edrich Lumber! This soil blends 20% soil conditioner, 40% mulch fines, ...
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treated wood | Edirch Lumber

Thermarich: the Best Alternative to Pressure Treated Wood

Trying to decide what lumber to use for your new deck can be exhausting. With many options on the market, Thermarich is the latest and ...
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lumber mill in Baltimore | Edrich Lumber

Thermarich Lumber: From a Lumber Mill in Baltimore to You

In the realm of construction and woodworking, innovation is a constant pursuit, seeking to create materials that combine durability, sustainability, and chemical-free excellence. Enter Thermarich ...
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Lumber Mills in Maryland | Edrich Lumber

Unveiling the Advantages of Lumber Mills in Maryland: A Pillar of Building Excellence

When it comes to crafting and constructing, a crucial ally is the local lumber mill. They supply many different necessary materials. Here are some of ...
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hardwood mulch near me | Edrich Lumber

Unveiling the Natural Elegance: Hardwood Mulch

In the realm of gardening and landscaping, one material stands out for its timeless charm and versatile benefits: hardwood mulch. Derived from deciduous trees like ...
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mulch supplier near me | Edrich Lumber

Enhance Your Garden with Mulch: Finding the Perfect “Mulch Supplier Near Me”

A flourishing garden is a testament to nature’s beauty and a homeowner’s dedication. When it comes to nurturing your plants and ensuring a thriving landscape, ...
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