What is Leafy Mulch Mix Topsoil?

Leafy Mulch Mix | Edrich Lumber

Gardening has become one of the most popular pastime activities in recent years. There is satisfaction in being able to take care of life and watch it bloom into an evergreen floral oasis. For this same reason, people have been using our Leafy Mulch Mix and getting amazing results.

What is Leafy Mulch Mix?

Leafy Mulch Mix is made from decomposed yard trimmings such as leaves and grass clippings. After the decomposition phase of the yard trimmings, they go through a thorough screening process. This screening process removes any unwanted substances that may have been mixed in with the trimmings at some point. These substances include things such as plastics and metals. This leaves a soil amendment that is rich in nutrients and great for uses like topdressing lawns, planting plants, and mixing with potting soil.

Take it a Step Further

At Edrich, we mix our Leafy Mulch Mix with topsoil. This mixture creates nutrient-dense soil that your plants will love and thrive off of. Our Topsoil Mix is organic and safe to use in vegetable gardens as well as around children and pets.

Proposed Uses:

Rejuvenating potted soils

Your potted plants might be using up all the nutrients in their limited soil. Using our mulch mix regularly ensures that they will get the nutrients they need while in their pot.

Establishing and topdressing lawns

Maximizing your lawns is a sure way to improve your curb appeal. It is also good for providing nutrients to your lawn, helping it reach its full potential.

When planting trees, shrubs, vegetables, and annuals

The progress of your home garden is directly dependent on the care you provide. Providing your plants with nutrient-rich soil will help them thrive.

Advantages of Leafy Mulch Mix:

Safe to use around pets or children

There are no added chemicals, your child can safely join you as you garden.

Good for organic vegetable gardens

Your vegetables will grow without fertilizer, GMOs, or chemical-induced growth so you can be sure you’re giving your plants a clean environment as well as providing yourself with clean food.

Promotes plant growth with added nutrients

The nutrients in our mulch mix stimulate healthy plant growth.

Find Leafy Mulch Mix

If you want the best for your garden, visit retailers that sell Edrich’s Leafy Mulch Mix. You can also contact our landscaping retailers who deliver Edrich products to you and even install them if you’d like.