Bulk Mulch: What to Consider Before Buying

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Mulch refers to various types of plant waste that you place on the soil to maintain moisture and temperature insulation. Mulching is a great way to ensure the health of your farm or garden. When buying mulch, you should consider buying it in bulk. Bulk mulch is a great idea when you need a lot of mulch, but you will need to consider various factors before buying, including:

The Type of Mulch

There are hundreds of mulches, so you will have to consider the type of mulch best for your plants seriously. Light mulch-like straw could be good for your vegetable garden, whereas wooden mulch works well for landscaping. The bulk mulch you get will depend on what you want to use them for and what you want to get out of your mulch.

Removing Old Mulch

Before buying mulch in bulk, it would be best to remove the old mulch. The old mulch decomposes, making it absorbable by the soil. However, some elements can be harmful, so it is best to clear old mulch first. Moreover, your previous mulch might have been from a different source than the current one, and you wouldn’t want to combine both, so you will have to consider removing the old mulch and maybe adding it to the compost heap.

Consider If You Want Organic Bulk Mulch

Commercially made mulch which is often cheap may come from construction sites and other similar sources, meaning it could be artificial or contain traces of artificial or harmful ingredients. It may contain toxins and harmful elements that could ruin your soil. It would be best to get organic mulch from natural plants with rich nutrients so your plants can thrive. This is an important thing to consider as organic mulch may be a bit more expensive, but also more beneficial.

The Mulch’s Color

When buying mulch in bulk it is important to decide what color you want before ordering. Otherwise, it could be a hassle to change mulch colors. Your mulch color highlights your home or building and can be known to boost curb appeal. Ensure you take the time to choose the mulch color you want for the best results.

Buying Bulk Mulch

There is a lot to consider when buying mulch in bulk. When you are ready to purchase bulk mulch contact Edrich Lumber. We offer mulch in large quantities as well as other landscaping and gardening products. Check out our website to learn more and find a retailer near you for smaller mulch orders.