Colored Mulch Guide

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Your home is not only about what you find inside the house. It comprises the neighborhood, your fence, and even, the inside of the compound. Your front landscaping and your backyard garden play an essential role in making your home inviting and cozy. Therefore, these are areas suitable for using color to add to your home’s aesthetic and visual appeal. Colored mulch is crucial to help you achieve the color appeal you aim for in your home. While most people use a color that matches their house or plants, playing around with the colors can create patterns and highlight some parts.

Why Use Colored Mulch?

Using mulch of solid color for your backyard and front yard space gives your compound a pop of color and makes it appealing to the eye. Since color has a way of calming your mind, using it in your yard will enable you to relax and hang out peacefully in your yard.

Mulch comes in a range of colors, from black mulch to varying shades of red mulch. Therefore, no matter your building’s theme color, you will have a mulch color available in the market to compliment it. Additionally, colored mulch compliments your building and landscape.

On the other hand, dyed mulch can also help you boost the curb appeal of your property. Apart from attaining visual appeal, mulch that has been colored has many advantages for your soil and plants. Picking the right colors will brighten your curb and achieve the look you aim for, be it a natural or rustic look, while at the same time complimenting your architectural aesthetic.

What to Be Cautious About

As you consider using colored mulch, it is essential to remember that certain elements are worth considering since it affects more than the visual appeal of your compound. For instance, black mulch gets hot as it absorbs the sun, making it unsuitable for delicate plants.

Additionally, there are safe ways to handle colored mulch. For example, you should wear gloves when laying this mulch, and you should avoid walking on the freshly laid mulch since you might get the color to the next surface you walk on.

Replacement of Colored Mulch

Due to continuous exposure to the sun and other climatic conditions, the color of this mulch fades over time. Therefore, to maintain the vibrant, eye-catching color and its visual impacts, it is advisable to replace it yearly.

Find Colored Mulch

To find out more about colored mulch replacement or advice on the different colors available in the market, visit retailers that sell our Edrich Lumber mulches and other products.