Triple Play Mix: The Soil Every Gardener Should Consider

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What is Triple Play?

Triple play is a type of soil uniquely made by Edrich Lumber! This soil blends 20% soil conditioner, 40% mulch fines, and 40% topsoil. It is chemical-free and packed with nitrogen, vital in plant life because of its abundance in chlorophyll, which helps the plants capture sunlight and ensure energy is available when the plant needs it. It also contains iron, essential in the plant’s ability to function. Organic matter, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur, which supplies vital nutrients for the plants, is also in this mixture. Since there is a nitrogenous soil conditioner in this soil, fertilizer is unnecessary. 

What Does It Do?

Like peat moss, Triple Play promotes healthy garden growth by improving the soil structure and increasing water retention. The soil conditioner used in this mix helps with nutrient retention and allows microorganisms to thrive, resulting in your plant roots growing stronger. This product also 

naturally enhances the color of your garden due to its abundance of nutrients that help the plants thrive. Also, because it uses mulch fines, it gives a dark contrast to the plants, similar to mulch, making your plants look brighter and healthier. Triple play is an excellent environmental option as it helps avoid ravaging our natural resources like peat bogs. 

Where to Use It?

Triple Play soil mix is used for vegetable gardens, flower beds, and establishing new lawns. Flowers will thrive when Triple Play is used for potted plants due to its ability to drain and retain moisture, making it an excellent peat moss substitute. 

Before and After Results

Is Triple Play a fit for your next gardening project? Here are some customers’ photos from before and after using this product. No fertilizer has been applied to the plants pictured below. 

Potted Plants Results 

April 26 to May 18


April 26 to May 18

New Lawn Results 




Raised Bed Results 

Before: May 24 

After: June 13

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