What to Know About Mulch Landscaping

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Mulching may be a simple process in landscaping, but an excellent way to retain soil moisture, block or suppress weeds, help keep plant roots cool, and improve soil fertility and structure. In addition, when mulching, we advise our clients to avoid overdoing it and to ensure they get it from reliable wholesale mulch suppliers.

When to Mulch

Generally, most mulch performs equally well in all landscaping needs. Still, we recommend mulching in mid-to-late spring as the weather warms up from the freezing winter season. While mulching presents many advantages, it can only be beneficial with proper understanding, timing, and materials.

This is why in spring, homeowners and landscapers are eager to start mulching to keep that aesthetic appeal in their gardens as the soil warms up. If your landscape has a layer of winter mulch, we suggest you remove it gradually to allow the soil to warm up.

Moreover, you can apply more mulch in summer to retain soil moisture and protect the roots from withering. However, the prices may vary. That’s why you need reliable wholesale mulch suppliers like Edrich Lumber.

How Much to Get from Reputable Wholesale Mulch Suppliers?

As we supply you with the best mulch for your landscaping needs, it’s vital to understand how much you require. Typically, a depth of 3 to 4 inches is suitable for coarser material, but a layer of 1 to 2 inches of fine mulch is always sufficient.

Typically, coverage varies but avoid too much mulching. It suffocates plants. Nevertheless, if it’s a place you don’t want anything growing, apply as much as possible.

Check out our mulch calculator to find out how much mulch you’ll need.

Where to Mulch and How to Do It

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to mulch and how to do it. Some contributing factors include the style and size of your landscape and areas prone to flooding, like slopes and pathways. In addition, we advise weeding before mulching. Still, when working on your mulching project, ensure you have protective gloves, a wheelbarrow, and a bow rake to spread the mulch evenly.

Find the Best Wholesale Mulch Suppliers

Your first consideration should be reliable wholesale mulch suppliers like Edrich Lumber. We supply the best bulk mulch to our clients and other required products for an excellent landscape. Contact Edrich Lumber today for bulk supply or find a retailer that sells our products for smaller amounts.