What is Crusher Run Stone?

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Our crusher run stone is a mix of coarse natural stone graded in different sizes. These stones are used in patios, under concrete slabs, driveways, walkways, and pavements.

Our hardcore stones create the most compact driveways once the fine particles combine with the bigger angular stone pieces. The nature of these stones makes them as best an aggregate as gravel.

What is Crusher Run Stone Comprised of?

Crusher run stone is limestone aggregate that undergoes the crushing process in our yard. It consists of fine stone dust to ¾ stone pieces. This blended mixture of coarse and fine aggregate creates low void content. That means they contain some air spaces between them that create the best compaction capability. Other than compaction, the mixture has good drainage capability.

What Are The Uses of Crusher Run Stone?

There are several ways you can use this type of stone. We guarantee the quality to make them versatile. And in this approach, the customers get value for their money. Here are different uses of crusher run stones:

  • Driveways – they are used as a base layer for driveways, primarily in soft soils that can ruin the driveway with time. Due to different stone sizes and good compaction, they form a firm base layer for driveways and walkways.
  • Masonry work – they are used as base aggregate for the interlocking pavers and underneath the segmental walls. If well laid and compacted, they form the firmest base.
  • Underground pipes and utility cables – it’s a reliable backfill to hold loose soil after installing underground drainage pipes and utility cables. They hold the soil as well as help in better drainage.
  • Preventing soil erosion – the stones protect loose soil during rainy seasons. They can also be the best cover for dusty soil during summer.
  • Drainage purposes – they level and enhance good drainage in most of the flooding parts of the yard, enabling easy access during rainy seasons.

Crusher Run Stone Versatility

Crusher run stone is versatile considering the above uses we have outlined for you. Fortunately, you can transfer your stones to various areas for various uses since they don’t decompose or get easily covered by the soil.

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