What to Know About Shredded Hardwood Mulch

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Which mulch should you use in your garden? Shredded hardwood mulch is one of the best mulches we carry, but many people don’t know much about it. Hardwood mulch covers your flowers and vegetable gardens to lessen the ability for weeds to grow.

Our shredded mulch will enhance the look of your landscape and several other benefits like protecting the delicate plant root system. But, when it comes to soil nutrition, you will come to know this mulch is worth your money.


During decomposition, it enriches the soil with vital nutrients while replacing others. Hardwood shredded mulch decomposes faster than you can imagine, adding value to your yard. Read on about other benefits of shredded mulch from Endrich Lumber.


  • Great for soil hydration – it has medium-length shredded material that helps retain the moisture in the soil. You will always go right with shredded mulch in conserving water.
  • Minimizes soil compaction – it keeps the soil moist and soft, thus reducing the compaction. Less compact soil allows easy penetration of the roots.
  • Adds nutrients to the soil – shredded hardwood mulch decomposes faster, therefore adding nutrients to the soil.
  • Weed control – shredded mulch cover the ground depriving the weed of growing. It also prevents sunlight from getting to the growing weed. Eventually, they die.
  • Good for laying in slopy areas – shredded mulch cannot easily flow with the groundwater. It’s also less likely to float during rainy seasons.
  • 100% natural – shredded mulch is natural and thus good for the environment.


  • Fire risk – if you live in dry areas, the shredded hardwood mulch can be a fire risk. If there is a fire around your yard, it can quickly spread to the whole area. So, be cautious when using this mulch.
  • Altering of the soil pH – these mulch can raise the soil pH with time, making it more alkaline. This affects the acidic plants. Have your plants examined and soil tested before using them.
  • Compacts with time – the much compacts slowly, and eventually, it can hinder nutrients from getting into the soil.

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Shredded mulch can be a great option for your area. However, as mentioned there are a few disadvantages. But don’t worry! We have you covered with many options for mulch. Visit local retailers that sell Edrich Lumber’s shredded hardwood mulch or our other mulches or contact us for more information.